Starting and Charging System

When you turn the key in your vehicle, the starter is powered and engages the engine so that the combustion process can start and the vehicle will run. Several things can prevent your vehicle from starting, from mechanical issues like a faulty ignition switch, to a failing battery, starter solenoid, or alternator.

When the starter is dead, your vehicle isn’t going anywhere.

Once we’ve determined the issue we can quickly repair or replace the needed starter parts and get you going again.

Your vehicle’s alternator is an essential component to engine function.  The alternator charges your battery and provides electrical power for your automobile.  Charging System Analysis, Testing, And Diagnosis

If you are having issues with your car starting or your battery charging, we can quickly diagnose your issue and recommend the best course of action to repair and replace any part of your charging system. We can test your alternator as well as inspect the alternator belt, and replace these components for you, if needed.  If you are having trouble with your car’s alternator, call us today at (812) 425-2000 to schedule service.